Donut Day. Well spent.

12 thoughts on “Donut Day. Well spent.”

  1. haha Mansi. reading about the donuts reminded me of the day we went to eat cinnabons in vasant vihar. literally hogging on them.
    i love the crazy-for-donut feeling u brought in the write up..

  2. even i want to have those italian donuts….search for the recipes and even i will be making donuts soon!!!!

  3. Really? Ap? 😀

    Ok…This is for the readers…
    This girl already decided to blog about it, when we wr eating thosoe super awesome dounuts.

    Wn she shuddenly called me wn i ws in office…our convrsation ws kinda like this….

    ”Ap!!! Something important!!!”( And I ws!)
    ”Its dounut day!!!” (what? Is it dounut’s bday or u bought him home today?)
    ”Which dounut Mansi?”
    ”Mad over Dounuts is selling dounuts just for 25 today!! I wna go, I wna go”
    (oh [these dounuts have a day too?]…[shez normal if shez talking food])
    ”I wna go too”!!!

    So we went. And it was worth it. 🙂

    She loves her pug Dounut equally as she loves Dounuts.

    Mansi!! Also the post about smells!! We have to create a revolution!! Lok sabha mein pass hoga!!

  4. Dear mansi, (lol)

    WtF !? hahaha… u’re such a doughnut lover..n besides doughnuts, u really passed across the SALE !?? 😮
    well something about this girl.. she is crank-ily cute .. For some of us , she is the backbone of our lives.. she has an aura of her own… one of a kind is what i would say .. ‘MAn-sey’. nevertheless , she is cute (and her friends are even cuter ! )

    THUMBS UP for this blog…i wouldn’t be surprised if you write something about the cakes/pastries of sackley’s 😀 haha..

    With love

    superstar :p

  5. Love ur blogs…this one is just so yummy and im just waiting for rushing over to MOD n trying d ones specially u mentioned abt 😛
    Wanna go again wid me dis time??..
    Oh btw love d way u write…its so passionate and ever topic is so heartfelt n all (yeh sab likhna padta hai….d encouraging words for a blogger :P)

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