Lots to tell !

Yes. I know  I’m a slouch and upto no good. I haven’t been doing anything too productive, other than making the world a better place with my awesomeness. And since August, I have stuffed myself to the point that my clothes that fit me till October are now slightly tight. (Gasp!)  Also, I went places (literally … Continue reading Lots to tell !

Hibernation no more

I watched Julie and Julia yet again last night and realized that it’s been really long since I posted anything new. And come to think about it, I wasn’t supremely busy or anything. (Lazy,is what I have become.) But this long stretch was very nicely utilized and I baked quite a lot. I certainly don’t … Continue reading Hibernation no more

Peanuts love

For anyone who likes Peanuts, I came across this gem of a website that takes random people’s  twitter posts and puts them in appropriate panels of the comic.   Peanuts love stays forever. To access the website, click here. Continue reading Peanuts love